Why are TV garden experts all alike?

It seems to me there are three main types of Gardening presenter. White middle aged men like Monty Don, Alan Tichmarsh & Joe Swift; white middle aged women like Carol Klein, Anne Swithenbank & Sarah Raven; and ones with long flowing locks and mystic names and who look like Elves from Lord of the Rings like Rachel de Thame, Alys Flowers and Bob Flowerdew.

Elves from Lord of the Rings

Garden Elves Alys, Rachel & Bob

Here’s a handy Venn diagram about gardening presenters.


Obviously this is an issue with diversity in television, not gardening. Black people do garden, in fact I once know an elderly gentleman who could revive the most withered seedling, but he didn’t realise that he’s not supposed to be racist either and so he called his homemade plant feed ‘jungle juice’ and made lurid references to the supposed virility of black men. Lovely fella, but perhaps not the next Percy Thrower. Still, surely there could be a little bit more diversity? I wouldn’t make a fuss, but as soon as you notice weird absence of entire sections of the community, you can’t stop thinking about it.

However, I’m pleased to say the Big Allotment challenge has an African (I actually have no idea where she is from but she grew up in Zambia) AND a Malaysian in it.

jojo rekha

Thank you Rekha and Jo Jo for making me feel a little bit less uncomfortable.


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  1. Love your diagrams! 😊


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