Fed up of digging, time to plant something.


Allotment in a mess

It was hard to know where to start


I’ve managed to get quite a bit done at the allotment over the past month, despite the weather, and there is still a lot I want to do before the winter kicks in. But I am deeply bored of digging clearing and general tidying up. It’s getting demoralising, so when I next get down there I’m going to ignore the spade and start planting.

I’m normally quite happy with the mindless grunt-work that keeping an allotment, or garden involves, but it’s more enjoyable when there is a variety of tasks, which is why early autumn is usually such a great time for gardening. It’s a time when planting, harvesting, digging and weeding are required in equal proportions and they overlap to ensure that you can’t get bored. However the allotment had got to into such a bad state that by the end of summer there was little else to do but ground clearing.

Weeded bed

Slow progress is still progress

I may be a bit behind schedule, but I feel I need to do something different for my sanity (and back) so Garlic (Elephant, Solent Wight, Thermidrome) and Shallots (Jermor) can go into the prepared back bed and for every other patch of free ground. I’m sowing green manure.

I’ve not done this before, but it seems like something a proper gardener would do, so I’m having a go. Next thing you know I’ll be cleaning my tools.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I know the feeling, digging and clearing stuff before winter sets in is not fun but i’m sure next spring/summer we’ll be sitting back looking at a nice tidy well turned out plot? “I hope”


  2. I conveniently forget that nothing really stays ‘done’ on an allotment. You’re right though. I’ll keep at it and motivate myself with the dream of neat beds.


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