Allota work

Weird panaoramic veiw of the plot.

Panoramic plot. taken while messing aound with my new camera

The problem with an a allotment is that once you let it get a bit out of hand, it’s easy to let it slip away entirely. You put it off until you have enough time to make a real impact on the rampaging weeds and overgrown grass. Of course that time never comes and as the weight of responsibility mounts with every quick harvesting trip, pretty soon you’re not even doing that anymore.

Trying to assuage the guilt, I’d written off this summer, promising that as soon as the kids go back to school I’ll throw myself into it. And now the time has come and as good as my word, I’ve spent more time on the plot in the last fortnight than the previous six months put together.

I’m even being thorough, taking bags of weeds and grass to the tip rather than leaving it to pile up in ugly ineffective compost heaps. I’ve also come to the conclusion that when it comes to turning over a bed matted with weeds, then you can either do it quickly or do it properly. At the moment, I’m going for the latter, but this could change if the weather turns.

I have now gone from desperately avoiding the allotment, to itching to be down there and getting on with it. Laid out with a bad cold means a few days absence has knocked my over-ambitious plans off schedule, but that’s a good thing as I think I was starting to get a bit obsessed.

There are other things which need doing. I have stuff to get on with in the garden at home, DIY around the house, some volunteer work I’m committed to, a course I’m taking, the occasional blog and there’s always the mundane housework which I have to do to justify my financial dependency on my working husband. Sadly you can only throw an outraged, don’t-you-oppress-me-you-misogynist-bastard scene so many times before you just have to get on with the ironing.

So things are inevitably slowing down from my initial zealous pace, but I’m getting there.


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